More Resources for Unleavened Bread

More Recipes and Resources to Download for Passover/Unleavened Bread:

Almond Garlic Flatbread (leaven and Gluten free!)

Not looking forward to crackers all week? Make your own Unleavened Bread. Recipe options below.

Unleavened Bread Recipe

Gluten Free Flatbread Alternative 2

Gluten Free Flatbread Alternative 3

Lamb Craft Picture (Kids and adults can both do this spiritual and contemplative activity as a way to bring before the Lord for Him to help you remove any “spiritual leaven” by taking time to think about and write down on this lamb picture the “leaven” or sin He may be dealing with you about this year that you need to confess and in so doing, bring before Him this Passover and ask Him to help you overcome that sin in your flesh in a focused way over the period of the counting of the omer and throughout the next year. You can then symbolically burn the lamb craft with the last of the chametz (leavened bread))

Counting the Omer 7, 7’s 

Counting the Omer (Climb the Mountain sticker version…ignore the old year : )

Counting the Omer Alternative with Hebrew

Teaching on Counting the Omer by Tim Hegg


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