“I will put my Torah within them and on their heart I will write it.”

Ministry Mission Statement:

“To empower Believers to study the Scriptures for themselves using sound biblical doctrine and principles of interpretation.”

Teaching, Preaching, & Writing Leading & Educating

Christy is the mother of 2, and has been married to her husband, Chris, for 24 years. She has a background as an Officer in the United States Marine Corps and is a Home School mom. Moving from physical warfare to spiritual warfare, Christy obtained a Master of Divinity from Liberty University and went on to finish her Doctorate at Knox Theological Seminary. Christy has been a Professor teaching Bible to college students as well as generally to various audiences across the country. Christy enjoys teaching and writing, but her favorite thing to do is work with small groups in an

interactive Bible study within small groups. Christy has published a number of books and has several new projects in both the non-fiction and fiction categories that she hopes to finish over the next few years. As a Home School mom Christy enjoys teaching her girls, especially since they are now reaching higher levels of academic study and inquiry. She is currently developing several youth based resources that will help other families and home school moms teach their children sound biblical exegesis and the basic core doctrines of the faith in a “visual” 21st century way. CLICK for more details.

Christy is a strong advocate for Home Schooling but believes at the very minimum, removing one’s children from the Secular Humanist run Public School system is vital to reaching the hearts of the next generation. Her Doctoral Dissertation called “Education Is Discipleship” revealed the serious nature of the problem associated with Education today and the fact that 90% of Christians are sending their children to Public Schools, and 90% of those children graduate as full blown Secular Humanists (even if they still confess to “love Jesus,” they think, make decisions, and function like as a Secular Humanist. Christy has many suggestions besides just Home Schooling, but

it will take educating parents about the serious nature of the problem to see any real change. Most people do not connect the dots that “Education” today is what the Bible calls “Discipleship,” and that whomever educates our children is who is also discipling them. When we also understand that both facts and people are never neutral, then we can understand why there is no such thing as “neutrality” in the Public Schools. We need to lead by example and educate the masses so that they come to understand the serious nature of the problem and can begin to look for alternative solutions. Read Christy’s Dissertation & see her recommendations to both Parents and Churches CLICK THIS LINK.